Australia’s Top AFL Betting Sites

Being the most notable league for Australian rules football, the AFL includes a wide fan base and it gets a lot of attention. For individuals in Australia and Australia, they are a few of the biggest sports of the season.

as a major sporting interest in the region, afl online gambling is one of the most popular types of sports betting in australia. with our site, we have listed some of the best sites for online gambling, and we have paid special attention to sites that cater to fans of the australian football league. while there are many sites where australia afl fans can place bets, our review team has named as a major sporting interest in the region, afl online gambling is one of the most popular types of sports betting in australia. with your site, we now have listed the best sites for on line gambling, and we've paid special awareness of sites that cater to fans of the australian football league. while there are many sites where australia afl fans can place bets, our review team has named

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Top Sites In Australia

"As a fan of the AFL, you have a number of different options for betting the matches."

Australian Football League and its history

The Australian Football League includes a long and storied history. The origins of the league go back to 1896, whenever a group of football clubs broke with the Victorian Football Association to make the Victorian Football League.

In splitting up from the VFA, the teams that formed the VFL wrote and formalised most of the rules for Australian football that individuals know today. The two leagues did compete for quite some time, but the VFL sooner or later won out, and it proceeded to be the Australian Football League.

While there were different leagues throughout Australia, also the international version of football, the VFL became the dominant state league in the nation. As its influence increased, it started initially to absorb leagues and teams from other regions and the VFL became more of a national football league. To reflect this, the VFL officially changed its name to the Australian Football League in 1990.

A look at the big matches

Whether you enjoy the AFL as simply a spectator sport or you love the action of real cash betting, there are plenty of big games. Of course, the 23 rounds of the premiership season will offer you a ton of opportunities for betting and getting your fill of football, but there are some matches and events that undertake particular significance.

The themed matches of the rivalry round are always popular among AFL fans. Beyond that, you additionally have the action of special events just like the ANZAC Day match, Dreamtime at the G and the Queen’s Birthday match.

Once the season is completed, you also have the excitement of the Finals Series. With four weeks of the most notable teams playing for the proper to play in the Grand Final, it really is probably one of the most anticipating times of the season.

The bets you can make

Among the fans in Australia and Australia, the Australian Football League offers a whole lot of entertainment. To bring this entertainment to another level, many fans will need their chances and make some wagers on the matches. As a fan of the AFL, you have several different options for betting the matches.

The most typical options for betting on Australian Football League matches would be the standard bets on which team will win. In this, you could have two options for betting. You are able to bet the chances, based on which team is favoured to win, or you are able to bet the spread.

With a bet on the spread, one team will be favoured by a certain number of points. For the team that's favoured by the points, they have to exceed the spread to win. If the team will be given the points, chances are they must win or if indeed they lose, they have to keep carefully the score within the spread. For example, if one team is favoured by six, they must win by at least six points for the bettor to win.

Beyond taking a bet about the same team, you can also choose the winners of several games. As you bet multiple teams, the odds can get longer, and if the bet wins, it may alllow for a big payoff. In addition , you may also place bets on different player actions, like points or rushing stats.

What makes a good AFL betting site?

With the AFL being one of the most popular leagues in sport, there are many sports betting sites that'll offer real cash betting on the web. However , not totally all of the sites are equal, which means you will want to think about a number of factors when you are trying to find AFL gambling on the web.

First, you intend to consider the betting options and the betting experience. A good AFL gambling site could have a number of alternatives for placing bets on the matches and it'll give you a good experience for the online bettor.

After the experience and how many betting options, additionally you want to ensure that the site has good customer support and the best banking options. You want to make transactions easily and to place bets with your preferred currency, and you usually do not wish to have any problems if you need to the consumer support team.


With so many options to choose from, it can be hard for Australiaers to discover the best sites for AFL online gambling. To help you out, we has researched and reviewed most of the top sites for AFL on the web betting. With this ratings and reviews, it is possible to find web sites that offer the best experience for AU gamblers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work when you bet on the AFL?

Locate a site that accepts bets on the AFL and place your bets. Features and bonuses do vary, so ensure that you select your on line gambling site wisely.

What do the odds mean?

The chances tell the player how much they are able to expect to win and so they reflect the perceived possibility of a certain bet winning. Long odds represent an outcome that is seen as improbable, nevertheless they also pay the greatest prizes.

What is a line bet?

With a line bet, one team is handicapped by a margin of points. This is referred to as the line or the spread. The idea is to handicap the team that is favoured to win to make chances even.

What are games available for betting?

Generally, you can bet on any AFL game.

Can I watch the games online?

Yes, there are services that will allow you to stream live AFL games.

Can AFL betting turn a profit?

Betting on the AFL can be profitable, but it will require careful betting and a bit of luck.

How does it compare to other leagues?

The AFL is the most popular of the Australian sports leagues and as a result, it gives among the better opportunities for entertainment and betting.