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Whether you play in a shop or on the web gambling site, lottery is a great way to enter the gambling world in Australia, whether in person or in a casino on the web. Lottery can be as simple as it gets in terms of Real Money Gambling, aand Kiwi residents love to enter on the action. We put together the very best resource for you yourself to discover ways to boost your likelihood of winning the lottery, explanations of of AU's different lotto games, and tips on how to start winning actual money today. If you want to know the place to start, our review team has researched the very best sites to play the Australia lottery they found the winner to be Spin Casino. Continue reading to find out more about this national activity! Why if you're playing an AU lottery?

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How to Play the Different Kinds of AU Lotto

The AU lottery is split up into several different types that are held weekly.

Lotto 6/40

The most popular lottery in AU and the very best one for beginners is the Australia Lotto 6/40 Lottery game. That is among the top games you will find to get and on the web casinos. Lottery 6/40 picks one top winner with the opportunity to win millions in a real income each week. When you compare it with other pick-6 lotteries global, AU 6/40 has great odds. 6/40 came to exist in AU a long time before the web casino. Australia Lottery tickets first proceeded sale in July 1987, with the first draw in August that same year.

To play 6/40 for actual money, you choose out six numbers including 1-40. There is also one more bonus number drawn, so that you have a better chance of winning. The overall game costs no less than $2. 40 to play, because each line costs 60 cents and there is a minimum dependence on 4 lines. Drawings are held weekly on Saturday. The draw is televised on TV2 at 8pm.

You can also win through Lotto Powerball, which is an additional number from 1-10 that is included with the Lotto line. If you win Lotto and also have the Powerball on your own same Line, you can win the most notable prize, both the Lotto and the Powerball prize combined.

Lotto Dip

When you play Lotto, you can either pick your own most useful numbers, or have them randomly generated by the ticket machine, called Lotto Dip. Lotto Dip has a 10-line requirement, with the lowest priced ticket costing $6. 00.

The Lotto jackpot stays consistent for four weeks at any given time. On the fifth week, the draw "Must Be Won, " meaning that any unclaimed Division One prize is rolled down to another division. Then, the jackpot is reset.

Lotto Strike

Another way to play is with Lotto Strike, which came about in 1993. This is a top choice proper who loves classic Online Casinos. Lottery Strike may be added to a regular Lotto ticket for $1. 00. The target is to match the Strike numbers, to be able, to the first 4 numbers in the Lotto draw. The minimum prize is $100, 000, and increases by that much until it is won. It raises for up to 10 weeks.


In February 2001 Powerball was introduced to the AU citizenry and on line casinos. Lottery Powerball can raise your real cash Lotto ticket with the addition of at least 4 numbers, costing 60 cents per line. Powerball is several between 1 and 10 that's drawn from a separate machine than the Lotto draw. In the event that you win Lotto and have the Powerball number on the same line, you will win a share of the Powerball prize pool.

You have to win Lotto first division in order to win first division Powerball. The minimum prize for first division is $4 million in real cash, with a jackpot of $30 million. If the draw hits its limit, the first division jackpot is disseminate among winners of the next highest division.

Winning Wheel

Introduced in 2004, the Winning Wheel was a segment of the lotto show where players could be invited to spin for various prizes. If the serial number on a lotto player's ticket was drawn, they'd be invited to the Auckland lotto studio for another draw to spin the Winning Wheel and win a prize.

The Winning Wheel has 30 segments, with either real cash prizes that vary from $100, 000 to $1 million, or non-real money prizes like shopping sprees, cars, houses and land. There's a minimum guaranteed in full prize of $25, 000, which you can choose if you do not want to look on TV. You can also nominate someone to appear in your stead.

Really the only cash game that is excluded from the drawing is Lotto Strike, because their serial numbers do not match the Winning Wheel drawing.

Big Wednesday

Big Wednesday is relatively new to AU citizens who love to play for real money at gambling sites. Lottery usually offers real cash prizes, but Big Wednesday is a bit different. It absolutely was introduced in 2005 and provides out noncash prizes like cars, in addition to a top a real income prize worth a minimum of $3. 5 million. Big Wednesday is aired on TV One every Wednesday, and offers Kiwi players "the ultimate life style. " Each line costs $1, with a minimum of 4 lines per ticket.

This game has lower chances than 6/40 because you will find 50 balls to draw from, not 40. The game even offers a coin toss aspect, where players must guess heads or tails. You can only win in the event that you match all 6 top pick numbers and guess the coin toss results.

Big Wednesday Dip

Just like the Lotto Dip, the Big Wednesday Dip selects numbers for you by machine for $6. 00. You can still select heads or tails, or contain it randomly selected. You can also buy both, with two tickets having the same numbers but one heads one tails. This guarantees that if your numbers match, you will get the jackpot.

Big Wednesday Jackpot

The draw for the big Wednesday Jackpot offers big money to players, with a $30 million 'must be won' threshold, alongside cars and other luxury prizes. The draw features 50 balls, rather than the usual 40, and one more coin toss is included, with players needing to predict the results to manage to win the prize.

If the winner is not eligible for non-cash prizes, or if you have more than one winner, the prizes will be changed into their cash value and divided between the winners.

The Different Types of Lotteries

  • 6/40 lottery
  • Lotto Strike
  • Lotto Dip
  • Winning Wheel
  • Powerball
  • Big Wednesday Dip
  • Big Wednesday
  • Big Wednesday Jackpot

The Best Strategies for Beginners

Money from the lottery goes right back to help the public and improve the country.

Lotto Pools: By forming a Lotto pool, you have the very best likelihood of winning over single players. Each player buys a ticket and the prize is divided amongst everyone else if anyone in the pool is a winner.

Hot Numbers: A variety that has lost for 4 games or less account for about 50% of a potential for winning. If several has been out for 10 games or more, it increases to about 80%. If you focus on the numbers that are on losing streaks, you can boost your possibility of winning.

Cold Numbers: If several has been out for 70 games or even more, it is much more likely that it will likely be selected. It really is impossible to share with exactly each time a losing streak will end though, so do not chase the same number for too much time!

Repeat Numbers: In 6/40 Lotto, one top number from the last drawing would have been a "repeat hit" about 60% of the time. The tough part is once you know which number!

Odd-Even Numbers: Make sure that the numbers you select have a fairly even mix of odd and even numbers. All odds and all evens is a rare draw. The best bet is always to have 2 odd and 4 even, 4 odd and 2 even, or 3 of each and every.

High-Low Numbers: Exactly like odd-even, Lotto numbers are usually a variety of high and low numbers. It is extremely rare that all high or all low numbers will be drawn.

Number Sums: When you decide on your 6 numbers, add them together before submitting your ticket. For over 70% of the top winning picks, the sum of all numbers will total up to somewhere between 95-151. Aim for lines that are within this range and you have an increased potential for winning.

We hope that these top techniques for winning the AU Lotto can help raise your chances of winning actual money and the very best prizes! Check out our set of the best places to play Lotto online and you can start getting in on among the better Online gambling action in AU today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What lotteries are popular?

Lotteries are popular in Australia and held several times a week throughout the year.

Is it worth playing international lotteries?

It's worth playing international lotteries in some countries where lottery winnings can be millions of dollars, & most sites will host a range of games from all over the world.

At what age can I play?

Players must be at least 18 years old in order to participate in the lottery in Australia.

How do I receive the money?

After winning the lottery you have two options to claim your prize according to simply how much you win. In the event that you win under $1, 000 you are able to collect the money from any lotto outlet by handing over the ticket. In the event that you win a lot more than $1, 000 you need to fill in a claim form before being able to collect at the outlet.

Are they paid in AU$?

The prizes receive out in AU$, making them convenient to work with and also to spend in whatever way that you want in the location.

Can I trust websites when playing online?

There are a few trustworthy websites that can be used while playing online, but when playing the AU lotto it creates more sense to play it personally for safety.

How will I be notified in the event of a win?

It's up to you to keep an eye on the results of the lottery to see in the event that you win or not. You can examine your ticket at a lotto location, or simply just watch the lottery on television after which go directly to the office to collect your prize in case of a win.

How am I taxed on any winnings?

You won't be taxed on your winnings in any way and are free to take pleasure in the total prize money from the lottery win.